50 photos in Lightroom

I really liked using Lightroom, It’s a lot less complicated in comparison to photoshop. The settings were very clear, everything explained itself. The UI is really simple and easy to navigate. I like simple programs, with that being said I like all the options photoshop has over Lightroom. There’s a lot more tools in photoshop that allow you to better edit your photos. I believe Lightroom is a very studio exclusive editing program it’s a one use program. With photoshop theres so many options. With Lightroom its a dumbed down version easier to use but less options. I think I prefer photoshop over LIghtroom. Photoshop has more of the tools I like using over Lightroom.

My Collage

The people in the bottom left corner are called $uicide Boy$. They make music together, I’ve been listening to them for a long time so they mean a lot to me. The person in the hoodie to the right of them is named Scarlxrd. He’s a UK rapper that I’ve been listening to for about 5 years. The person above the $uicide Boy$ is named $not. He’s a rapper that I’ve been listening to for around 2 years now. The people to the right of Scar are named Pierce the Veil, they are a boy band that make American Rock music. I’ve been listening to them since I was 6, my grandpa showed me them a while ago, Their music means a lot to me since my grandpa is no longer here. The man in the middle is named Playboii Carti, I just like some of his songs. I skate so that’s what the skateboard is there for, I skate almost all the time so it means a lot to me. The car is a Nissan GT-R34 it’s an old Japanese car, that’s super popular in car culture. Not one of my favorites but a very recognizable one. The man at the top right is named Night Lovell, I’ve been listening to a while and really enjoy his music.